Who is DoTheMath?

The name Mr.DoTheMath of course derives from the fact that I am a Math teacher. However when you look at the phrase, “do the math,” it says a little more than “do math problems.” It says, take a step back and realize that what is around you works together to provide meaning, like math does! Our everyday happenings are a sum of the people, decisions, and places we find our selves in.

My desire is to share my personal and most importantly educational perspective through this African American lenses. As a Black educator, I have been fortunate enough to have had vast experiences in the classroom. I have been afforded the opportunity to experience every grade level from pre-K to 12th. I have also worked inside an extensive variety of schools from Charter schools to Jewish schools and sat in class rooms varying from severe Autism to Advanced Placement. Currently I have placed my educational anchor in the “hood,” my old high school teaching math.

So welcome to my page, welcome into my mind. Let’s Do The Math together.


4 thoughts on “Who is DoTheMath?

  1. Nice intrduction Mr. Nelson! Your works are encouraging and the fact that you humbly share makes it all the moreso an awesome experience to follow. This also provoked a relative thought of my own in how fortunate I have been to work across the spectrum with a diverse group of young people. This really did make me “dothemath.”

    Keep up the great work sir, you are obviously helping to shape and change the world with the works you continue to do. Especially where you do it!



  2. That’s a pretty cleaver start “MrDoTheMath.” When I think about it I do believe that all things do add up. Whether you like the answer or not is up to you. Also, whether you do something about the answer is up to you as well. I love that you have decided to give back to your community that has poured so much into you. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store. Let the addition begin!

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  3. I like how you bring together math with everyday people or should I say life. The two complete each other by the choices we make in life. either it will add to our life or subtract from it. Good job

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